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Cambridge Right to Life Promo Brochure

Cambridge Right to Life produces a quarterly newsletter.  Click here for issues.

Did You Know FactsDid You Know?

This resource references statistics and facts on the subject of abortion. It is one of the most effective resources that changes people’s minds on abortion.

The Detrimental Effects of Abortion on Teens

teen girl

clubHow to Start a Pro-Life Club in Your High School
National Campus Life Network and Toronto Right to Life developed a club manual specifically for high school pro-life clubs.  For more information, please click here.

The Cost of Abortion in Ontario

In Vitro Fertilization
Infertility has reached epidemic proportions in the Western world.  One out of six couples are seeking some sort of medical intervention to help them conceive. There are a variety of factors that cause infertility today, such as, environment, birth control use and even infertility treatments.  As couples consider their options, a number of ethical questions arise. In order to understand in vitro fertilization, we must first understand how it works.

HPV Vaccine