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Carter Lake at 22 weeks gestational age, born in London ON in 2009.

Prematurity and Abortion in Canada

In 2012, the National Post compiled a large analysis of the statistics for Abortion & Canada. Some of the data they uncovered was that there were 93,755 abortions reported to government agencies in 2009, and that 1.9% of abortions were done after 21 weeks gestation. Abortion advocates brush this number off as though it means nothing, but how […]

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Coffee & Dessert Evening 2014

Cambridge Right to Life Presents a Coffee & Dessert Evening with Speaker, Barbara Farlow. Barbara is an advocate for patient safety following the death of her daughter Annie, a baby with predicted disabilities. Barbara’s research has been published in the American Academy of Pediatrics Journal and is influencing how medical professionals respond to parents who receive […]

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