At this time of year, CRTL hosts our Speak up For Life Event to commemorate the anniversary of the day the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our abortion law (Jan 28, 1988), which made abortion available on-demand. We typically visit the office of one of our representatives to bring forward a timely concern. Unfortunately with the current COVID restrictions, we have had to cancel our event, but we delivered the following letter (right) to MP Bryan May on your behalf. 

Dear Mr. Bryan May, Member of Parliament for Cambridge,

It is our privilege to wish you happiness and pray God’s wisdom for you at the start of 2022, as we acknowledge the times are difficult and the challenges of your office will be many.  Please know that many of your constituents represented by this letter are praying for you as you strive to serve everyone responsibly and fairly.

From previous meetings and communications with us, you already know that we at Cambridge Right to Life (CRTL) represent several hundred members who are all about valuing and protecting human life from its beginnings at conception until natural death.

We believe HUMAN LIFE IS UNIQUELY SPECIAL, made by God in His image.
We LOVE HUMAN LIFE and are supportive of every effort which protects and nurtures it.

We write to you to express that we are feeling an unjust and considerable threat by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement of intent in his Liberal Party’s platform of 2021 to “No longer provide charity status to anti-abortion organizations (for example, Crisis Pregnancy Centres) that provide dishonest counseling to women about their rights and about options available to them at all stages of pregnancy.”

Mr. May, we are considerably concerned for our own organization’s existence, as our PM might consider the pro-life education and scientifically accurate information CRTL presents as “dishonest” when measured beside his standard which promotes abortion as the state-sanctioned solution to women’s health problems.  How will the term ‘dishonest’ be defined?

Additionally, we are extremely concerned for the welfare and futures of Pregnancy Resource Centres in our nation and local community.  These centres are focussed on helping women and men grapple with their situation of an unplanned or otherwise challenging pregnancy.  The centres are based on the truth that ABORTION IS NOT A ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ SOLUTION.  With compassion and sensitivity, their staff listen, offer tests (pregnancy tests and, as available, ultrasounds done by nurses on-site), present scientifically sound information and offer options of support (emotional, financial, and material) to enable the OTHER CHOICE of a supported birth and a strong start for the whole family, however that family looks.  When post-abortive individuals come in with physical, emotional, and spiritual complications, they are helped with the same care and sensitivity as their life-choosing counterparts.  Like many other charitable organizations, the Pregnancy Resource Centres exist to address a need in the community.  They are engaged in activities that are aimed at improving lives in the community.  There is no discrimination in whom they serve.  They provide a source of HOPE for those who are struggling and seeking support to deal with what is a life-changing situation (whether they cho[o]se to keep their child or not.)

Mr. May, we believe that the services of Pregnancy Resource Centres and Cambridge Right to Life provide necessary health- and life-affirming services in our community.  They merit government affirmation and designation of charitable status.  Many donors are able to contribute to building a community that enriches their lives and the lives of others because the use of charitable tax donations fills a need for both the donor and the charity.  Removal of the designation of charitable tax status will hurt everyone, and especially those who seek options other than abortion.  Stripping Pregnancy Resource Centres and educational pro-life groups of this status could cost them the loss of generous donors and that loss could cost them their ability to exist.  We sincerely hope and pray that this is NOT our Prime Minister’s intent?!

It also occurs to us, that without the availability of these life-supporting services, our already overburdened health system will see a new spike in individuals seeking help for depression, substance abuse and suicidal behaviour—frequent and grave outcomes of abortions done when no other option looked possible.  Hereby a new crisis is inflicted on our health system.

For all the above reasons, Mr. May, please encourage us and our community by standing up for charitable tax support and the right to exist of Pregnancy Resource Centres and pro-life organizations as they work to educate and support the health of women, men and children in our nation and community.  Thank you.

Respectfully yours for Life,

Myra Klaassen,
President, Cambridge Right to Life

Please consider following up with Mr. May about this concerning issue.

Bryan May, Ottawa Location: House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 (No postage required!)

Bryan May, Cambridge Office: 534 Hespeler Road Suite A4, Cambridge ON N1R 6J7

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