On March 24, 2011, US Magazine reported that Mariah Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon tweeted his thoughts regarding the upcoming the birth of their twins.  I am probably going to faint in the delivery room! I need to man up! Or maybe I should say WOMAN UP since they are the ones that have to be the strongest in the whole ordeal! I am in awe of my wife!

If you haven’t heard Nick Cannon’s powerful 2005 music video, Can I Live? you can check it out below.

In the song, Cannon shares the story of how his mother walked away from the table at an abortion facility minutes before she was scheduled to have an abortion.

His lyrics tell the story of his life — before he was even born.

“I will always be a part of you. Trust your soul know his heart is true. If I could talk I would say to you. Can I live? Can I live?”

The words sound like the kind of song a pro-life advocate would put together, but Cannon insists he just wants to tell his own story.

Regardless, the song is a powerful statement for LIFE!