A Note of Thanks

Dear members and supporters of the Cambridge Right to Life, Although I have only been working here at the office for less than 3 months, you are already all becoming "dear" to me. I have been so impressed by the support that you have contributed to myself and the board members, particularly in this very busy month of May, our annual Respect for Life month. I have already written about earlier events, such as the March for Life and school visit to the Marian Residence retirement home. But due to the incredible turn-out to our Coffee & Dessert Evening, I felt the need to update you all once more! On Thursday, May 19th, we filled the [...]

A Note of Thanks2016-05-31T11:16:34-04:00

Emotional Plea Confuses Issue

Yesterday's top news story around the country featured an impassioned plea of Dr. Donald Low who posthumously called on Canadians to advocate for assisted suicide. Low was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer seven months ago and he died on September 18th. There is no question that the video pulls at your heart strings but Low's message is extremely dangerous. Is it wise to pass laws without considering the unintended consequences? It is natural to be concerned about how our friends and family will receive care should they become ill. People want to be treated with dignity and equality. They want to feel safe when they are not in a position to advocate for themselves. But do [...]

Emotional Plea Confuses Issue2013-10-08T10:17:39-04:00
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