We are pleased to announce the winners of our Poem & Essay Contest.

First Place goes to Grade 7 student, Gloria D. and Second Place goes to Grade 5 student, Ainslee M.

1st Place

Abortion, By Gloria D. (Grade 7)

1 month (4 weeks) in the womb.

Brain Formed and developed.

Wow, so this is it, the world is a lot smaller, darker, and quieter than I thought it would be. Wait, I hear a voice, its soft but I can hear it. Is that you mom? Or you dad?  Maybe a brother or sister! Oh wow, I can’t wait to meet them, and their voices get stronger every day. Then, I hear a new sound, like soft whimpering, I think it’s my mom, I wish I could help her, she sounds so sad. Now is my chance, there is a light! I can comfort mom, meet my family, and explore the real world! Instead of me leaving though something else enters.  I got to see what it is but it hurts! Ow, stop no! Mom, help me, please, someone, anyone, help. Then it’s gone the pain, the sounds, the voices, the lights, and my chance. Who knows, I could have been a doctor, a teacher or maybe even a scientist, but now it’s gone. Everything.

2nd Place

Poem by Ainslee M. (Grade5)