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Winners of our Poem & Essay Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Poem & Essay Contest. First Place goes to Grade 7 student, Gloria D. and Second Place goes to Grade 5 student, Ainslee M. 1st Place Abortion, By Gloria D. (Grade 7) 1 month (4 weeks) in the womb. Brain Formed and developed. Wow, so this is it, the world is a lot smaller, darker, and quieter than I thought it would be. Wait, I hear a voice, its soft but I can hear it. Is that you mom? Or you dad?  Maybe a brother or sister! Oh wow, I can't wait to meet them, and their voices get stronger every day. Then, I [...]

Winners of our Poem & Essay Contest2020-01-07T17:16:07-05:00

Babies Born Alive After Abortion Are Left to Die – 150 in 2018

Babies born alive following an abortion is not a new phenomenon in Canada. It has occurred since the 1969 abortion law was passed with an amendment made to the Criminal Code of Canada which allowed abortion under certain conditions. A 1975 brief by Alliance for Life presented to Parliament highlighted this often ignored outcome of abortion: "For the past few years, there have been several hundred hysterotomies performed annually in Canadian hospitals. A hysterotomy, which is similar to a caesarean section, results in the delivery of a live child. The child is then left deliberately to die, a process that takes anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Nurses are forbidden tto make any attempts to [...]

Babies Born Alive After Abortion Are Left to Die – 150 in 20182020-01-18T17:09:30-05:00

Walk for Life 2019

Cambridge Right to Life’s Annual Walk for Life The Walk for Life 2019 takes place Saturday, September 28th. Please plan to join us at this family friendly event as we walk to raise awareness and funds for Cambridge Right to Life’s life saving work. Lace up your walking shoes and tell your friends and family – we hope to see you there! WHEN:  Saturday, September 28th, 2019 WHERE: Registration begins at 9:30 am at The Legion (4 Veterans Way, Cambridge). START: 10:00 am – NOON Download flyer and post it at your church, work, school! Help us spread the word by using the flyer to invite your friends and family to join us  September 28th. [...]

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Abortion Providing Group has Pro-Life Ads Removed

You may have heard that ads produced by Kitchener Right to Life were recently removed from Grand River Transit due to the complaints of Lyndsey Butcher, Executive Director at the SHORE Centre. Butcher claims the ads are not factual. She made the case to have the ads removed by citing a single study from 2009 which found that women's mental health is not affected negatively by abortion. (See The Record coverage here and CTV's coverage here. But research shows that abortion is the source of serious physical and psychological problems for a significant number of women.  CRTL board member, Camilla Gunnarson submitted a letter to The Record in response. The letter was heavily edited by the Editor [...]

Abortion Providing Group has Pro-Life Ads Removed2020-02-03T19:28:17-05:00

Abortion Pill Reversal in Canada

It is not uncommon for a woman who has taken the abortion pill to immediately regret it, and fortunately there is a safe protocol for reversing the effects of medical abortion. We are grateful to the local pro-life doctors have registered with the Abortion Pill Reversal Network and are prepared to assit women in the Cambridge area. Background The Abortion Pill, also known as Mifegymiso in Canada, is made up of two different medications and is prescribed up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. Most women don’t really know how it works. Mifepristone is a drug that blocks the effects of progesterone—a hormone your body needs to grow a healthy baby. Mifepristone blocks the essential nutrients which leads to [...]

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Mourning the Loss – 31 years of Unrestricted Abortion

Each year, Cambridge Right to Life takes the time to visit one of our government representatives on or around the anniversary of the day the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s abortion law, in order to shed light on the fact that another 100,000 pre-born Canadian children were not granted any legal protection or rights while in the wombs of their mothers. As a result, approximately 35,000 of those who would have been Ontario residents, were killed by abortion. This year, we will be visiting our new MPP Belinda Karahalios to address the ‘Safe Access to Abortion Services Act’ that was passed under the Liberal leadership of Kathleen Wynne. The purported justification for the bubble zone legislation [...]

Mourning the Loss – 31 years of Unrestricted Abortion2019-01-25T09:31:57-05:00

Poem or Essay Contest

Cambridge Right to Life is sponsoring a Poem/Essay Contest in conjunction with its 39thAnnual Walk for Life event.  The contest is open to both elementary and  high school student or as a classroom assignment. The prize for the winning submission is $100.00! A suggested Theme: “EVERY HUMAN LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND PRECIOUS” The unborn, newborn, children, youth, adult, handicapped, elderly, etc. High School Students An Essay of 500 words or a Poem (at least 16 lines on the above or similar theme). Elementary School Students PART I - Grades 4, 5, 6 Pictures, Collages, Posters on the above or similar theme. Then attach a paper explaining in a few sentences or through a slogan what your poster, etc. means [...]

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