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Anderson Cooper, Abandoned Ukraine Babies, and the Problem with Surrogacy

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International Earlier this month, CNN journalist Anderson Cooper made a surprise on-air announcement: “On Monday, I became a father,” announced a visibly moved Cooper. Every new life is a miracle and a gift. Wyatt Morgan Cooper (the newborn baby) is a miracle and a gift. His life is a thing to be celebrated. But celebrating Wyatt’s life does not mean that we avoid asking some pertinent questions, for there’s an odd thing about this birth announcement. Anderson Cooper is an openly active homosexual. At the risk of stating the obvious, having a baby involves certain biological processes in which a woman plays an irreplaceable role. Cooper’s announcement [...]

Anderson Cooper, Abandoned Ukraine Babies, and the Problem with Surrogacy2020-05-25T19:03:24-04:00

Respect Life Month

For many years Cambridge Right to Life has designated the month of May as “Respect Life Month”. Although our mandate is respect for “all life” at “all” times we choose the month of May to highlight a number of special events that would normally take place such as; our Coffee and Dessert Evening, Mini Life Chain and participation in the National March for Life in Ottawa. Sadly, this year, due to the pandemic, there will be a number of activities that will not take place this month. However we are happy to advise you that Campaign Life Coalition has worked very hard to enable “all of us” to participate in their first ever 2020 [...]

Respect Life Month2020-05-10T17:04:53-04:00

Speak Up For Life Event

Thanks to the over 30 people who joined us in standing in solidarity with pre-born children and their mothers, as we commemorated the anniversary of the day the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our abortion law (Jan 28, 1988), which made abortion available on-demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy at MP Bryan May's office. Although Mr. May's schedule did not permit him to meet with us today, we were able to present our letter, on behalf of our board and membership, to his staff (see below). Cambridge Right to Life has a meeting scheduled with Mr. May to follow up on the concerns in our letter on February 13th. If you wish to [...]

Speak Up For Life Event2020-01-28T15:33:17-05:00

Let’s Talk About Women’s Mental Health

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 is Bell Let's Talk Day. It's a day created by the Canadian telecommunications company Bell Canada to raise funds and awareness surrounding mental health issues, and end the stigma that is often associated with the illness. Today, more than ever, it's critical to have resources and support for those who are hurting. Powerful stories of people overcoming or just coming to terms with mental health issues is a positive step, but it is troubling how many refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence that abortion is associated with elevated rates of mental illness. Many women today, work hard to destigmatize abortion. Between the pro-abortion Women's March, the MeToo movement and the Shout Your Abortion movement, [...]

Let’s Talk About Women’s Mental Health2020-01-25T12:50:36-05:00

GRT Pulls Ad Based on False Media Reports/Study

Recently, several media outlets carried a story on an abortion pill reversal study that was halted for “safety concerns”. The pro-abortion researchers claim that women who take the abortion pill reversal (APR) may be risking serious blood loss. Within a day of the National Post caring this story, the advertising company received two complaints concerning our bus shelter ad promoting the abortion “reversal” protocol for women who regret taking the abortion pill. One complaint wrote: "You are listed as the representative for advertising at Grand River Transit bus shelters. This ad (below, I apologize for the words someone added on Facebook) is posted at the Ainslie Street Terminal. Before I lodge a complaint with the Government of [...]

GRT Pulls Ad Based on False Media Reports/Study2020-01-25T12:40:24-05:00

Winners of our Poem & Essay Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Poem & Essay Contest. First Place goes to Grade 7 student, Gloria D. and Second Place goes to Grade 5 student, Ainslee M. 1st Place Abortion, By Gloria D. (Grade 7) 1 month (4 weeks) in the womb. Brain Formed and developed. Wow, so this is it, the world is a lot smaller, darker, and quieter than I thought it would be. Wait, I hear a voice, its soft but I can hear it. Is that you mom? Or you dad?  Maybe a brother or sister! Oh wow, I can't wait to meet them, and their voices get stronger every day. Then, I [...]

Winners of our Poem & Essay Contest2020-01-07T17:16:07-05:00

Babies Born Alive After Abortion Are Left to Die – 150 in 2018

Babies born alive following an abortion is not a new phenomenon in Canada. It has occurred since the 1969 abortion law was passed with an amendment made to the Criminal Code of Canada which allowed abortion under certain conditions. A 1975 brief by Alliance for Life presented to Parliament highlighted this often ignored outcome of abortion: "For the past few years, there have been several hundred hysterotomies performed annually in Canadian hospitals. A hysterotomy, which is similar to a caesarean section, results in the delivery of a live child. The child is then left deliberately to die, a process that takes anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Nurses are forbidden tto make any attempts to [...]

Babies Born Alive After Abortion Are Left to Die – 150 in 20182020-01-18T17:09:30-05:00
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