whale memeAn article in The Star reports that Community Safety Minister Madeleine Meilleur will announce this week that her ministry will conduct an extensive consultation in order to formulate new regulations to protect captive marine mammals in Ontario.

We applaud this humanitarian response to obvious neglect and blatant animal abuse. After all, caring for animals is a moral issue. We believe respect for animals and respect for human life are inextricably related and yet the later seems to be at odds with provincial legislators.

If we are truly honest, we cannot ignore the plight of our pre-born brothers and sisters. The sufferings they undergo as they are dismembered, decapitated and disembowelled through abortion is arguably more tragic. There is something wrong when political leaders refuse to address the deliberate destruction of human life in the womb.

Although laws concerning protection of human life are federally legislated, measures that would reduce or restrict the harm of abortion fall under the provincial legislation.  Such measures could include:

  • informed consent laws which would require that women be informed about fetal development and all health risks and complications before they choose to have an abortion
  • parental consent for minors under the age of 18 to have an abortion
  • de-funding of elective abortion services

The very essence of a moral law should include protections for  all life, not just politically correct or popular causes. Isn’t it time our provincial legislators worked equally as hard at prioritizing protections for the youngest member of the human family?