The national educational organization, LifeCanada, has launched a new campaign using their well-established web-site as the focal point.
The intent of the Campaign is to reach out to women facing unplanned pregnancies, using video testimonials and the Campaign tag line, ‘You’ll never regret loving this much”.

“Apart from the current and accurate statistical information that we present, we also felt the need to reach these women with messages of hope, said Natalie Sonnen, LifeCanada’s Executive Director.  “It is not easy to find positive messages in a culture that so readily promotes abortion as the only option for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.”

The three women interviewed for the Campaign are the first in what the organization hopes will be a “library” of video testimonials of women and families who have benefited tremendously from the experience of defying the odds and choosing life for their children.

See video the three testimonies here:

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