Prime Minister Harper has made it clear that he is not interested in having a debate on abortion. In a television interview he stated, “If you want to diminish the number of abortions, you’ve got to change hearts and not laws.”

This has been the focus of Cambridge Right to Life since its inception and a shift in opinions has been observed over the last two decades. Polls consistently indicate that a majority of Canadians (63%) believe that human life should be protected before birth. Moreover, 68% of Canadians do not want their tax dollars funding abortion.  It is obvious that the hearts of Canadians have changed. There is more work to be done due to the fact that 92% of Candians are unaware that there is no law restricting abortion in our country.

“It is time our laws reflected the opinion of the majority of Canadians. What is the great fear of giving fair consideration to an issue that is funded by the taxpayer, recommended by the Supreme Court to be legislated, and is debated seemingly everywhere except within the halls of our democratic legislature?” asks  Camilla Gunnarson, Director of Cambridge Right to Life.

Since Harper doesn’t have the heart to legislate on abortion, we call on the good heart of Dr. Goodyear to remind him of the words of Martin Luther King: Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless.”


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