Once again, Cambridge Right to Life marked the anniversary of the day the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s 1969 abortion law by visiting MP Gary Goodyear’s office and MPP Gerry Mariniuk’s office.  A Press Release was set to the local media and they received a copy of our correspondance as well. See the letters and Press release below:

Letter to MP Gary Goodyear

January 28, 2011

Dear Minister Goodyear,

 Once again, Cambridge Right to Life marks the anniversary of the day the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s 1969 abortion law. The court at that time emphasized that their decision would result in the unborn as having no legal rights and thus recommended that parliament enact legislation.

 Notwithstanding that parliament has the jurisdiction to do so, they have failed to grant any legal protection to unborn Canadians in the past twenty-three years.

 We know that you have stated publicly that you support measures to introduce and pass legislation that would protect the unborn child from the time of conception.  That being the case, we are disappointed and confused as to why you did not support Bill C-510.  

 Although this was not a pro-life bill, it would have empowered women to press charges if they felt they were being coerced into an unwanted abortion. Cambridge Right to Life hears from women who have been threatened by their partner and/or parents to have an abortion. They are often too frightened and powerless to turn to authorities. In the 42 years that abortion has been permitted in Canada, no one has ever been convicted of coercing an abortion under the existing Criminal Code provisions. That’s 42 years too long of unwanted and coerced abortions in which the the rights and lives of the unborn and their mothers have been endangered. We think it’s time they were protected by our government.

 Prime Minister Harper has made it clear that he is not interested in having a debate on abortion. In a television interview he stated, “If you want to diminish the number of abortions, you’ve got to change hearts and not laws.”

 This has been the focus of Cambridge Right to Life since our inception and we have witnessed a shift in the opinions of Canadians over the last two decades. Polls consistently indicate that a majority of Canadians (63%) believe that human life should be protected before birth. Moreover, 67% of Canadians do not want their tax dollars funding abortion on-demand. There is more work to be done, as 92% of Canadians are unaware that there is no law restricting abortion in our country.

 Minister Goodyear, if the debate is stifled, hearts cannot be changed. Martin Luther King said, Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless.”

 We believe it is time our laws reflected the opinion of the majority of Canadians. What is the great fear of giving fair consideration to an issue that is funded by the taxpayer, recommended by the Supreme Court to be legislated, and is being discussed and debated seemingly everywhere except within the halls of our democratic legislature?

 Minister Goodyear, we appreciate the times you have voted in favour of bills and supported initiatives that would provide protection to the most vulnerable members of society (Bill C-384, Bill C-484, The Maternal and Child Health Initiative) and we respectfully request that your government fulfill the wishes of Canadians by enacting legislation to provide protection to the unborn.  


 Camilla Gunnarson

Executive Director

Cambridge Right to Life

 Letter to MPP Mr. Gerry Martiniuk

January 28, 2011

 MPP Gerry Martiniuk

410 Hespeler Rd., Unit 2
Cambridge, Ontario N1R 6J6

 Dear Mr. Martiniuk,

 Thank you for meeting with members of Cambridge Right to Life as we commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the day the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s abortion law.

 Another year has passed and tragically another 90,000 pre-born Canadian children were not granted any legal protection or rights while in the wombs of their mothers.  Approximately 35,000 of those lives should have been Ontario residents. It is a great tragedy that these children do not live because of our nation’s acceptance of abortion.

It is also a great tragedy that the province of Ontario, regardless of party leadership has done little to reduce abortion, protect women and save lives through any legislative initiatives since abortion has been permitted in our country.

In 1969, when Canada’s abortion laws were first liberalized, seven children were born for every child that was aborted.  In 2007, three children are born for every child that was aborted. The loss of these children is felt in the growing erosion of Canada’s economic prosperity and by extension, Ontario’s prosperity.

While it is true that many political leaders have not had the will to deal with the abortion issue, we believe that it is not impossible for the province of Ontario to change course and protect life. Polls consistently indicate that a majority of Canadians:

  • support informed consent laws which would require that women be informed about fetal development and all health risks and complications before they choose to have an abortion,
  • support a law requiring parental consent for minors under the age of 18 to have an abortion,
  • support de-funding of elective abortion
  • believe abortions should either be funded privately or only funded in medical emergencies,

 Mr. Martiniuk, all of these regulatory measures fall under the jurisdiction of the provincial government. We believe it is time our laws reflected the opinion of the majority of Canadians.

We realize you will not be seeking re-election in 2011 and although it is difficult to make predictions about who will lead our province in the Fall of 2011, it is not too late for you to prepare a motion, bill or other action that will help to bring protection to our pre-born citizens.

Mr. Martiniuk, we recognize that you have worked very hard for the residents of Cambridge and North Dumfries. We are grateful for your years of dedication and service. We are especially grateful for the many times you have presented and added your name to our pro-life petitions. But now is the time to act. Let the history books say that your actions helped our province to return to order, to return to a culture of life that brings dignity to all!


Mrs. Cathy Miedema
Pro-Life Advocacy Committee
Cambridge Right to Life

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