Thanks to our the generous support of our members and a grant from the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region (CCFOWR), we are now in the position to utilize funds towards local advertising that will once again reach motorists, transit patrons and pedestrians alike. 

We are grateful to CCFOWR  who provided a grant of $3300 to fund the powerful prolife message, Human Life is Not Determined by Location, on the Digital Sign at Hwy’s 8 & 24 (Delta Intersection). The ad will run for 3 weeks in May and again in late fall.

The exterior of 3 local city buses will feature the same powerful message that will run from May to August.

Additionaly, some 7 Interior Bus ads will help reach not only Cambridge transit patrons but also those within the greater Waterloo area. Five of our local buses and two new IExpress bus routes will display the Interior signage: “Pregnant? Now What?” These will run from May through August.

And finally reaching not only pedestrians, but those stopped at street lights or just driving by will see similar ads on 2 Bus Shelters located in high traffic areas at the Delta and Ainslie Street Bus Terminal. Our Euthanasia message will be displayed at the Bus Shelter on Coronation Boulevard next to the Hospital. All 3 ads will run for 4 weeks from May 14 to June 11.

Exterior Bus Ad

Delta Electronic Ad

Bus Shelter Ads