On Saturday, September 24, 2011, seventy-five walkers came out to participate in Cambridge Right to Life’s 32nd Annual Walk for Life. Our thanks to everyone who participated and collected pledges on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Most notably were the 25 students from the Generation for Life Club at Monsignor Doyle High School.  Lead by teachers, Tania Rosario and Deborah Costa, they brought a youthful spirit to the event.  Some of the students made a banner promoting their school and why the pro-life issue is important to them. In addition, some of the students made their own T-shirts promoting the event. Their enthusiasm was captured in their chant as they walked through the streets of Cambridge:  “Everywhere we go, people always ask us who we are? We are the Pro-Life, the Mighty, Mighty Pro-Life. If you can’t hear us, we shout a little louder!” You can hear their energy in the video below.