New Documents Reveal Ban on Pro-Life Free Speech was Groundless

'So not only were there no police reports for Ottawa, but now I learn that there were no police reports for the entire province of Ontario.' REPRINTED FROM LIFESITE  Hundreds of pages of Ontario government documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request reveal, according to an independent pro-life researcher and writer, that the province lacked “actual evidence” for passing Bill 163 in 2018 that banned all pro-life witness, including showing disapproval of abortion, within 50 meters of the province’s eight abortion centers. Last week, Ottawa pro-life researcher and writer Patricia Maloney released 287 pages of information she received from the province’s Information and Privacy Commissioner that reveal that there was three times as much [...]

New Documents Reveal Ban on Pro-Life Free Speech was Groundless2021-01-18T23:39:28-05:00

Mourning the Loss – 31 years of Unrestricted Abortion

Each year, Cambridge Right to Life takes the time to visit one of our government representatives on or around the anniversary of the day the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s abortion law, in order to shed light on the fact that another 100,000 pre-born Canadian children were not granted any legal protection or rights while in the wombs of their mothers. As a result, approximately 35,000 of those who would have been Ontario residents, were killed by abortion. This year, we will be visiting our new MPP Belinda Karahalios to address the ‘Safe Access to Abortion Services Act’ that was passed under the Liberal leadership of Kathleen Wynne. The purported justification for the bubble zone legislation [...]

Mourning the Loss – 31 years of Unrestricted Abortion2019-01-25T09:31:57-05:00
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