The Pain of Abortion Lasts a Lifetime

Cambridge Right to Life recently purchased advertising space at the newly constructed bus shelter at the Delta. Within hours of the ad going up, the sign case was found hanging open and the poster removed.  We're used to people rejecting the pro-life message, but we're left wondering if there is something more behind the sabotage to our ad, since this ad recognizes what few are willing to admit; Abortion Hurts! Unborn children are not the only victims of abortion. Abortion hurts women as well. Scientific studies reveal that many women suffer in silence after abortion. If you're suffering from abortion, know that there is help and healing. Visit the following websites for more information and please read the story below to know you are [...]

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School Project Encourages Closer Relationships Between Generations

Cambridge Right to Life is pleased to announce the launching of our Caring Hearts Sharing Hearts Project. In partnership with the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate, we are inviting teachers and students in Grades 4-7 to visit the elderly at the Marian Residence Retirement Home. We know that 43% of seniors rarely have visitors and spend their days alone. Research indicates that this can lead to depression, mental and physical decline. Developing stronger connections between generations can have tremendous benefits for young and old. Both can find wisdom and inspiration in each other. In preparation for school visits, Cambridge Right to Life provides each classroom with the book, A Little Something by Susan V. Bosak. This [...]

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Let’s Pretend They’re Whales

An article in The Star reports that Community Safety Minister Madeleine Meilleur will announce this week that her ministry will conduct an extensive consultation in order to formulate new regulations to protect captive marine mammals in Ontario. We applaud this humanitarian response to obvious neglect and blatant animal abuse. After all, caring for animals is a moral issue. We believe respect for animals and respect for human life are inextricably related and yet the later seems to be at odds with provincial legislators. If we are truly honest, we cannot ignore the plight of our pre-born brothers and sisters. The sufferings they undergo as they are dismembered, decapitated and disembowelled through abortion is arguably more tragic. There is something wrong when political leaders refuse [...]

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Pregnant? Need Help?

Facing an unexpected pregnancy is not easy. There is confidential and non-judgemental help available. A 24 Hour Help Line (1-800-665-0570) that is operated by professionally trained volunteers is available day and night. They will listen to your needs and connect you to a local pregnancy center that offers free pregnancy tests, consultations about all pregnancy options and many other confidential services. For local assistance, visit the Cambridge Pregnancy Resource Centre. Click HERE to view Stand Up Girl website

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Best Educational Video – Ever

Check out this awesome video that captures the amazing journey each human being has been on before we even got here! GENESIS utilizes computer-generated imagery to illustrate what science reveals about  human development in the womb. We recommend this powerful teaching tool for teachers and schools to impart the biological facts about human life before birth. Students at both elementary and secondary levels enjoy its fast pace and contemporary music.

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