January 22, 2014
Cambridge, ON – Cambridge Right to Life will hold their annual Protest Walk on Friday, January 24 from 1-2 pm. outside MPP Rob Leone’s office.

“The impact of the loss of children through abortion has not only inflicted enormous damage on mothers, fathers and families, but governments, at all levels, fail to consider the damage that is reflected in demographic, cultural and economic realities of our society,” said Camilla Gunnarson, Director of Cambridge Right to Life.

Members of Cambridge Right to Life will give the newly released book, Complications, Abortion’s Impact on Women, to MPP Leone. The book draws on over 650 published credible studies from international medical and psychological journals that refute the generally accepted idea that abortion is a perfectly safe medical procedure.

“Women deserve to know the true impact of abortion on their health. Abortion is the sacred cow of our healthcare system with a complete disregard for women’s health and costs to fund this ‘service’ is skyrocketing, with no apparent solution,” said Gunnarson.

The majority of Ontarians do not support having their tax dollars fund abortion on demand and yet the provincial government forces its taxpayers to fork out a minimum of $30-$50 million dollars each and every year. There are between 30,000 to 51,000 abortions committed in our province annually. In addition, Ontario pays up to $7000 to send women to the United States for late-term abortions. At the same time, genuine medical health care needs are being denied funding.

Abortion and its aftermath uses much of our healthcare budget and offers no benefit to public health. “We believe delisting abortion from OHIP, could save Ontario taxpayers $30-$50 million annually and those funds could immediately be diverted toward genuine health care needs. Therefore we will be asking MPP Rob Leone, to work to defund abortion services and raise awareness of the harmful effects of abortion,” Gunnarson concluded.


About Cambridge Right to Life
Cambridge Right to Life is a registered not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to educate the community on abortion and related life issues.  We provide a voice for the unborn, women hurt by abortion, the infirm, those with disabilities and the aged.

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