RU4Life? March for Life 2014

RU4LIFE? Is the theme of the 2014 March for Life. This catchy title is in response to a new application by a pharmaceutical company that is asking Health Canada to approve the chemical abortion pill RU486. In 2011, clinical trials of RU486 were halted after a Canadian woman died from using the drug. Ru486 is a lethal drug that causes the death of a developing child in the womb at 5-9 weeks gestation and has a long history of serious side effects including severe bleeding and death for the women taking it. Each year thousands of Canadians gather together on Parliament Hill to demand legal protection for children in the womb. Cambridge Right to Life [...]

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Meet Abortion Attempt Survivor

Well known speaker and abortion attempt survivor, Melissa Ohden  is coming to Cambridge. Melissa will be speaking on Wednesday, February 26th, at 7:00 pm at  Monsignor Doyle High School (185 Myers Road).  Tickets are $5.00 at the door. Melissa is the survivor of a failed abortion.  Despite initial concerns regarding  Melissa’s future after surviving the attempt to end her life and being born alive at approximately seven months gestation, Melissa not only survived but thrived. Her survival highlights the injustice of abortion and turns the “choice” of abortion on its head. Learn how one decision, one single moment, can have such a detrimental impact on so many people, living and dead, born and yet to be conceived. [...]

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We Need An Honest Discussion

Today is Bell Let's Talk Day. The initiative encourages conversation around the issues surrounding mental health. If we really want to address mental health, we need to be honest about the harm abortion does to women, men and families! According to the Deveber Institute, abortion raises risk of mental health problems. Their website states: In the largest study of its kind researchers have concluded that women having abortions experience an 81% increased risk of mental health problems. Published in the prestigious British Journal of Psychiatry, it also found almost 10% of all mental health problems are shown to be directly linked to abortion. Separate effects were calculated based on the type of mental health outcome [...]

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Protest Walk 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 22, 2014 Cambridge, ON – Cambridge Right to Life will hold their annual Protest Walk on Friday, January 24 from 1-2 pm. outside MPP Rob Leone’s office. “The impact of the loss of children through abortion has not only inflicted enormous damage on mothers, fathers and families, but governments, at all levels, fail to consider the damage that is reflected in demographic, cultural and economic realities of our society,” said Camilla Gunnarson, Director of Cambridge Right to Life. Members of Cambridge Right to Life will give the newly released book, Complications, Abortion’s Impact on Women, to MPP Leone. The book draws on over 650 published credible studies from international medical and [...]

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We love this video!

Former "Kansas" lead singer and producer John Elefante, known for such hits as “Dust in the Wind” and “Carry on My Wayward Son" is using his newest single "This Time," to share the story of his adopted daughter Sami's birth. Share this video, it has the power to save a Life! The song’s lyrics are based on the true story of what Sami’s 13-year old birth mother might have experienced as “she sat cold in a waiting room, frightened and all alone / knowing that her baby would soon be gone.” As the video unfolds, we see the dreams she had of a little girl celebrating her third birthday and growing into a woman through the [...]

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Pregnant? Need Help?

If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs support, there is help available. The National 24 Hour Help Line (1-800-665-0570) is operated by professionally trained volunteers who are available day and night to take your call. They will listen to your needs and connect you to a local pregnancy center that offers free pregnancy tests, consultations about all pregnancy options and many other confidential services. For local assistance, visit the Cambridge Pregnancy Resource Centre. Click on the links for related websites: Stand Up Girl Birthright AbortionChangesYou

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Let’s Talk…

The Bell Let's Talk initiative launched today is focused on raising awareness and encouraging dialogue about mental health. This is a good thing! Talking about mental health is the first step in making a difference in the lives of all Canadians.  If we are serious about removing the stigma surrounding mental health, we must also be serious about talking about what can contribute to mental health issues. We know that abortion harms harms mental health for both women and men. This is not to say that everyone who suffers from mental health issues has had or been involved in abortion but research has indicated that those who have been involved in abortions are at risk of severe mental health [...]

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