When Good Men Do Nothing

In the face of injustices in our world, one always hopes that individuals in positions of leadership will respond with conviction and honour to right whatever wrong has come to light. On January 25, 2013, Cambridge Right to Life visited MP Gary Goodyear's office to seek justice for the 491 Canadian babies who survived abortion and then were left to die. See https://cambridgerighttolife.ca/seeking-justice-for-babies-left-to-die/. We asked that our government seek a parliamentary inquiry into the homicides of these children and that protections be put in place, including emergency medical care, for children who survive abortion. The following week, on January 31st, three MPs called for an RCMP investigation into these homicides. Responding in the House of Commons to questions surrounding their request for an investigation, Prime Minister Harper [...]

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PRESS RELEASE May 24, 2012 Cambridge, ON On May 24th, MP Stephen Woodworth will be guest speaker at Cambridge Right to Life’s Annual Coffee & Dessert Evening. While Prime Minister Harper has made it clear that he will not open the abortion debate, that hasn’t stopped Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth from challenging the government to re-examine when a child is considered human under Canadian law. "Cambridge Right to Life has never been under any illusion regarding Prime Minister’s Harper stance on abortion, said Camilla Gunnarson, Director of Cambridge Right to Life, "but we were literally shocked when Mr. Harper stated he was disappointed that Mr. Woodworth’s motion was deemed votable by the House of Commons [...]


Local Coverage of the National March for Life

Below is an article featured by The Record on the March for Life. March by anti -abortion protesters shuts down Ottawa streets Sean Kilpatrick – OTTAWA Thousands of people marched through the streets of Ottawa today in the annual March for Life demonstration. The protest comes just two weeks after a Conservative MP tried to reopen the national abortion debate. Prime Minister Stephen Harper rejected Stephen Woodworth’s private member’s bill in late April, but that didn’t stop critics from accusing the Tories of using the proposed legislation as a back-door way to rekindle debate over the sensitive topic. While it was difficult to measure the size of the crowd on Parliament Hill today, there appeared [...]

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Baby girls targeted for abortion in Canada

  Canada has become “a haven for parents who would terminate female fetuses in favour of having sons” because of the country’s advanced prenatal testing and easy access to abortion. Outrage over the growing trend of female feticide in Canada is certainly understandable but unless our politicians are willing to deal with the abortion issue, our nation will continue to permit this gender based racism. Is this the kind of Canada we want? See National Post article below: Keep sex of fetuses a secret to prevent selective abortion of girls: journal Agence France-Presse  Jan 16, 2012 While few studies have been done to assess how frequent the practice may be among immigrant communities in Canada, and editorial in [...]

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PRESS RELEASE – Harper’s Stifling of Abortion Debate

Prime Minister Harper has made it clear that he is not interested in having a debate on abortion. In a television interview he stated, “If you want to diminish the number of abortions, you’ve got to change hearts and not laws.”

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